About us


In ILM Pathway children are allowed to be themselves and learn. This magical place was envisioned to be a place of learning. Here, little dreamers are allowed to harness the power of their innate curiosity to learn, explore and grow. The children discover the fun of learning in an attractive, colourful and enriching learning environment. They engage in fun-filled activities that challenge them to think, solve, adapt and maximize their potential. Honing the intellectual, physical, linguistic, social and emotional skills, while building ethical discernment which will ensure the holistic development of the child.

Our Philosophy

ILM Pathway is a one-stop child-care institution. In today’s world, where working parents find it heartbreaking to leave their infant behind at home, we come to their rescue. Even if they leave their child behind, they are always worried about the well being of their little one. We understand! And so, keeping all major parental concerns in mind, we have come up with unique child-care services. Promoting family-friendly workspaces, we enable new mothers to pursue their dreams. We provide preliminary skill lessons to every child.

ILM Pathway believes that the foundation is on what we build a personality on. We engage kids in age-specific constructional activities like Music, Arts, and Crafts. We also help imbibe in them the art of Yoga and Language. Our skilled trainers and child-experts create the most homely environment where every child is equally attended. They are taught to eat on their own, given special attention to their bio-cycle. ILM Pathway will not be a school that looks dreary to a child’s curious little eyes. This will be their playhouse where they have friends with whom they can play all day while learning life-skills.

Whenever anybody asks us: Can you really replace parents? Our answer to them is: No, we cant. At ILM Pathway, we call ourselves Parenting Partners. We help parents school their kids while they are not around. We are a friend, a confidant, an educational institution as well as a toddler day-care center in Bangalore. Our only philosophy is to stand by the working parents as we understand what it takes to leave your child at home and go to work. We also provide monitoring facilities through special apps to check on your child whenever you want while you are at work.

Our Vision

At ILM Pathway our vision is to provide safe, child friendly, pollution free environment. To provide a stimulating early learning and child care experience which promotes each child’s social/emotional/physical and cognitive development

Our Mission

We strive towards building the safest environment for your little ones. Providing the most fun and fantastic education setup is our mission. Our boundaries just don’t stop with our schools, our mission is to provide our kids with and parents much more enhanced services. To make parenting easy for you and school a much more fun-loving space for your little ones.


The most important factor about schooling is to create the perfect infrastructure for the kids to keep them occupied and make them enjoy their time at school. At ILM Pathway we have got one of the best infrastructures with all necessary commodities like a play area, activity corner, Kids library, lab facilities, and many more interesting fun facts all around the corner.

Certified Tutors

Finding the best tutors for our little ones has always been a task, but in ILM Pathway we have onboard the best-certified tutors to give our kids, the cities one of the best quality education and excellent learning through the top certified skilled tutors. We have got a enamors range of fun-filled learning patterns thought by our tutors in our school. Our tutors are here to make your parenting easier and simpler.

Small Class Size

Our aim is to provide quality education to the kids, we made sure that we maintain small size classrooms to give special attention to each individual child. Small size classroom experiences are the best for kids as they get to have lots of one on one sessions with the tutors. It also helps to grasp things easily as the quality of the class is not scattered due to the quantity.

Infant Care

Kids' best memories are made during their childhood and especially during their young age. One such most beautiful moment is supposed to be registered and cherished with lots of learning and lots and lots of fun to be filled. In ILM Pathway we strive to give the finest experience to both the parents and the kids so that they just don’t think infant care is all about feeding them food and making them sleep. It's a lot more than that.

Safety First

It’s been a nightmare for all the parents who leave their kids in daycare or a playschool and firmly shake a bye with a kiss to their kids. Completely understandable, that’s where ILM Pathway has proved that they have built one of the safest environments for the kids to enjoy learning and simultaneously feel safe and secure among our well-built infrastructure, certified tutors, and trained helpers.


Keeping the kids occupied throughout the day is the most puzzling task. Growing kids need lots and lots of attention as they are in an age group where they tend to have millions of questions unanswered inside their small brains. So keeping them occupied and trying to answer those are quite interesting. At ILM Pathway we have structured activities for each age group of kids and enlighten their tiny brains with the most interesting activities.