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Welcome To ILM Pathway

ILM Pathway pre-school and child care is a premier pre-school in Thanisandra, Bengaluru (North) Founded in 2019.

The ILM Pathway is the dream of Mr. Abdul Sajid, serial entrepreneur with significant expertise in technology, a seasoned professional in finance and a teacher who has vision to create a unique sensorial learning environment.

At ILM Pathway, we believe in laying a strong foundation during the formative years, which will enable the little dreamers to grow into insightful and independent individuals. We believe that every child is unique and the learning process differs for each. We always encourage handson experiment in specific environments for each subject and area of learning. We aim towards giving our little dreamers a stimulating experience that promotes all-round development.

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Our Services

The Best Daycare

We understand what it feels like to be a new parent. You have discovered new dimensions to love, you are always worried about your little one. This realization is the strongest when you have to send your little child to a pre-school.

You want to choose the best pre-school out of the lot that provides a homely learning ground for your child. ILM Pathway supports every such parent in their goal of providing the best for their child. Our experienced and Montessori trained care-givers offer your little learners a homely environment. It is seen that a child can be most curious at home. We give them a free playground to fuel their curiosity. Our age-suitable activities are targeted to give your child the right foundation and life skills. At ILM Pathway you can customize your child’s activities based on the most competitive packages.

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Infants always keep you busy. Your infant is the happiest when he has a playmate all day. We provide them just that - our undivided attention!



Toddlers always keep you on your toes. We keep your toddlers engaged in interactive learning activities depending on their ability of learning and grabbing qualities.

Pre School

Pre School

Your child now needs a foundation. It’s almost time to join school! We help your child with the finest foundation and provide them their demo school experience.

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At ILM Pathway, we understand that young children need attention. You can be assured that our age-appropriate services and activities will provide your child with the right stimulation and developmental lessons.

About us

Our Philosophy

ILM Pathway is a one-stop child-care institution. In today’s world, where working parents find it heartbreaking to leave their infant behind at home, we come to their rescue. Even if they leave their child behind, they are always worried about the well being of their little one. We understand! And so, keeping all major parental concerns in mind, we have come up with unique child-care services. Promoting family-friendly workspaces, we enable new mothers to pursue their dreams. We provide preliminary skill lessons to every child.

ILM Pathway believes that the foundation is on what we build a personality on. We engage kids in age-specific constructional activities like Music, Arts, and Crafts. We also help imbibe in them the art of Yoga and Language.

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We are a toddler daycare center that provides the most child-friendly infrastructure, with CCTV vigilant playrooms,

Certified Tutors

The trainers at ILM Pathway are child-care experts with several years of experience in providing age-specific training to kids.

Small Class Size

Our small size classrooms are equipped with protected vigilance of trainers and CCTV cameras enabling equal attention to all children

Infant Care

Infants require a proper bio-cycle with adequate time-specific food, sleep, and play. We take care of that clock by the clock.

Safety First

We keep safety as a priority along with giving proper training and care to infants, toddlers and preschoolers.


We promote child-specific engaging activities like Yoga, Music, Arts and Crafts, Language, and Sensorial lessons.

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Our Team


Meet our Qualified Staff

A preschool or child care institution is a well-formed transition between home and school for your child. Your child now needs proper training to acclimate to this transition. Our training staff will give your child the proper experience they need for facing the school life. The trainers at ILM Pathway gives your child the care and attention he or she needs. They help your child mould themselves by various skill-development activities and games. Our skilled teachers help your child develop their fine motor skills, a knack of learning and grow social skills.

Our Activities


Music Classes

Music Lessons help improve a child’s motor skills. The skill of listening, remembering the words and following a rhythm help improve your child’s natural senses of hearing, speaking, sight and touch. Music also helps your child recognise languages, objects and makes the learning curve easy

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Music lessons are for all age groups. We will introduce your child to rhythm, basic music instruments and tunes. While your infant child enjoys music rhythm from popular cartoons and animated dramas, preschoolers learn the basic ABCD or 1234. Our music instructors will tell you which lesson will suit your child’s abilities the best.



Activity Description - We provide introductory yoga lessons for children. It is normal for children to be frivolous and naughty. Yoga lessons will help improve your child’s power of concentration. We help inculcate good habits right from their budding age. Yoga also boosts your child’s motor functions and trains them to follow instructions.

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Age group- You are mistaken if you think yoga can only be practiced by adults. A good habit like yoga can be inputted into a child’s basic lifestyle right from a young age. Basic yoga and postures help keep your child fit and strong. Our yoga lessons are for children from the age group 3 and above.


Arts and Crafts

Along with a strong academic curriculum, it is very important to keep the creative buds tingling in your child. Various arty projects help your child discover his or her horizon of interest. In infants, art and craft classes help them improve their sense of identifying objects and their uses.

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Art and Craft classes are available to children of all age groups. We have specially designed age-specific classes depending on the age of your child and their capacity for learning. Our Art and Crafts introduces infants to creative elements like jigsaw puzzles and the course gets advanced as the child grows.



Montessori sensorial materials are those elements that are used to train a child and refine their motor senses. Our sensorial classes teach your child to identify colors, shapes, objects, animals, physiology, etc. We will use basic child-safe elements to help your child build a fine foundation before they enter school.

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Sensorial classes will be conducted for all children. At ILM Pathway, our sensorial classes will introduce your little infant to basic identification and elementary sense refinement lessons. As your child grows so will the lesson advance. A beginner will be enrolled in the elementary class only.



Your toddler will pick up languages on his own. Our job is to expedite the natural process. We will introduce your child to languages of your choice through games. Learning languages can be a difficult process when we are old, but for infants, we try to liquefy the seriousness through fun activities and games.

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Learning languages also is an activity for children of all ages. We will test your child’s knowledge, learning capacity, and enroll them in a group. We take special care in giving each child a guided knowledge of language and communication before they enter school.

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ILM Pathway is a child-care and pre-school institution trusted by parents from all of Bangalore. Our advanced facilities and learning curriculum makes us one of the best toddler day-care centers in Bangalore. Get your child enrolled with us. Contact us or visit our institution to know more about us!

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